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We have relocated.

This is just one way we serve you and our continent better.

Not only are we energizing the Nation, but also growing stronger. We have relocated to new and bigger premises to enable us to facilitate an even better service to our clients. It also more centralised and represents our Brand image.

We looking forward to your visit at our new and improved premises:

286 16th Road, Midrand, Johannesburg, Gauteng

It’s not only great on the eye, but also focused on enhanced customer, stakeholder and partnership experiences. Now we can improve skill sets and knowledge to our people through better and integrated facilitation.

This is just one way we serve you and our Continent better and stay committed to our core fundamentals and operations.


Contact us anytime for more details.

Our contact details remain unchanged:

Tel: +27 (0) 11 477 7665; Email: head.office@dyninst.co.za



We have been successfully certified ISO9001:2008

Quality assurance is achieved through’ the 2 pillars – People and systems.

It's well documented that South Africa and the continent of Africa has electrical and power supply challenges. Against this backdrop, DYNAMIC INSTRUMENTS was founded in 1988. As South Africa evolved into a democratic Nation and as the new dispensation addressed electrical and power supply shortages, the founding members of DYNAMIC INSTRUMENTS had the foresight to recognize that key to all aspects of development is the provision of energy. With increased focus on development in resolving these challenges came the need to address the critical requirements of consistent, ongoing and affordable energy and power.

It is with this in mind that Dynamic Instruments began to design, construct and maintain the required infrastructure for power stations. In so doing these power stations continue to keep South Africa dynamically powered and energized. Through our dynamic, highly skilled and professional staff compliment, we also consider the environment and ecology in the area of electricity, energy and power.

Through hard work, dedication and investment in our people we have been successfully certified ISO9001:2008 by TUV Rheinland with our certification registered with the Deutsche Akkreditierungsstelle (DAkkS) during 2015.

Quality assurance is achieved through’ the 2 pillars – People and systems. The development of OUR people is critical both in terms of upskilling and the motivational aspect of investing in their training. To this end DYNAMIC INSTRUMENTS has to date put 11 of our staff, from various disciplines within the company i.e.. Site Management, Quality Control as well as procurement through the HDGASA inspectors’ course during 2015.

Benefits we have seen:

1. Staff motivation

2. Knowledge of corrosion and corrosion control system

3. Applying the knowledge gained to identify and mitigate possible corrosion related non conformances.

4. Using the knowledge to make supplier inspection and on-site inspection decisions

5. Ability to interact with confidence with suppliers, site personnel and clients re these matters

6. Knowledge transfer to junior team members ensuring higher quality inspections performed.

Part of the internal DYNAMIC INSTRUMENTS evaluation was to have all trained staff members develop an item related to the HDG processes and products related to our organization, from the procurement phase until final handover to our client. Thanks to the knowledge gained from the HDGASA inspectors’ course this exercise was not only completed successfully but had now also added greater value to our internal Quality Management System as we now have a more definitive and prescriptive manner when placing orders on our various HDG suppliers.

Not only have DYNAMIC INSTRUMENTS benefited from the knowledge gained from the training but we have now also have a partner in the form of the Hot Dip Galvanizing Association when further technical assistance is required, as evidenced with the problem solving of a corrosion related incident on our of our projects.

Gary Wyngaardt

Quality Manager – Dynamic Instruments


Kusile C&I Erection Works Contract Secured

We bring Value & Innovation and Empower our Nation

Eskom Business partner of the Year - 2013

It gives me great pleasure to announce today, that Dynamic Instruments has successfully secured the long pursued contract with Alstom for the C&I Erection works on Kusile Power Station.

It is said that a leader is only as strong as his team, and as such, I would like to thank everyone involved in the process, for your efforts in helping to secure the contract,


As we all know, it has taken a long time to get to this point. 1 year and 2 months to be exact! But now… the real work begins.

Throughout the contract negotiation process, we promoted our outstanding work ethic; and now, it is time to implement this, and to demonstrate our work ethic, for which we received multiple awards and recognition from our clients in the past. With that in mind, we look forward to the task ahead. As any comrades marathon runner will tell you... it's not how you start that race that counts, it's how you finish it. Let us make our good name count.



We bring Value & Innovation and Empower our Nation

We are exceptionally proud of this award that we have received for our work at the Matimba Power Station, close to Ellisras in the Limpopo Province.

The award was based on our level of SHE (Safety, Health and Environmental), Quality and Production, as well as our Site and Yard Appearance. We are especially proud as Eskom only hands this award out based on high standards and strict criteria.

Matimba is the largest direct dry cooling power station in the world, an innovation necessitated by the severe shortage of water in the area. Construction at Matimba started in 1981. It was located at Ellisras due to concerns about the air pollution levels around Witbank where most of Eskom's power stations are located and because of the large coal deposits in that area. The station is 14 years old this year.


Eskom Contractors of the Year - 2013

We bring Value & Innovation and Empower our Nation

Dynamic Instruments received this award at the Managers Awards for Contractors of the Year in recognition for contribution of exceptional value to Eskom. The award is based on Dynamic Instruments’ wide spread service across numerous Power Stations throughout South Africa.

On behalf of Mr. Gregory Roberts, CEO of Dynamic Instruments, we want to say how very proud he is of the team for your exceptional quality of work during the course of this year. This is yet another well-deserved award. Mr. Roberts believes that 2014 will be even more rewarding for both the clients and the team.


Reflecting on the year gone by, we at Dynamic Instruments want to thank each and everyone one of our business partners for your contribution to our success.

We have had an absolutely phenomenal year.  Not only are we growing in leaps and bounds, but we are so proud to announce and share the awards that we have received.

We are elated to have received these awards, as they are a true reflection of the level of pride that we take in what we do. A successful leader is only as good as his team. Without our people, none of this success would have been possible. That is why we are most proud of the final reward that we received.


1 Million LTI Free (Accident Free) Hours - Matla Power Station

We bring Value & Innovation and Empower our Nation

Dynamic Instruments reached this incredible milestone and was duly acknowledged with an award by Eskom earlier this year. We are currently standing on 1,141,880 LTI Free Hours for this project, which dates from May 2008 until 08 December 2013. There are currently 120 employees on the site who have completed approximately 201,983 LTI Free Hours for 2013 to Date (08 December 2013). The last reportable incident was on the 20/11/2013, which was a Medical Treatment Case.


Dynamic Instruments is doing a Control and Instrumentation Refurbishment Project on Matla Power Station for Units 1 – 6, Utilities and Outside Plants. We are currently working on a planned Outage for Unit 5. There is presently one Sub-contractor on site, Eduardo Construction with 8,468 LTI Free Hours and 19 employees.

Matla Power Station was the first of the giant 3,600MW coal-fired power stations to be commissioned during the 1980's. Construction started late in 1974 and by July 1983 the station was fully operational. The station is 22 years old this year.


We believe that Dynamic Instruments is going to continue growing in future, investing in people and their futures. Well done to our team for these phenomenal awards! The Management Team at Dynamic Instruments acknowledges your hard work and commitment to our organization’s continuous growth.


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