The Power of Empowering a Nation

We bring Value & Innovation and Empower our Nation

In providing energy and power to a dynamic leading African Nation, we are committed to excellence in empowering our people and in so doing, contributing to uplifting the socio-economic imbalances of South Africa.

Dynamic Instruments is an EMPOWERDEX LEVEL TWO B-BBEE CONTRIBUTOR. This further illustrates our commitment to transformation. We have a vested interest in our people and therefore provide platforms for continual training to improve their skills in the dynamic energy and power sector. Our social responsibility extends beyond ensuring achieving excellence in empowering our people but to also care for our ecology, environment and overall ecosystem.

We believe in the principle of teaching people how to fish, rather than providing just for one meal.

As a premier AAA-rated BEE investment house with a Level 1 Contributor status, New Gx has solid BEE credentials and considers the promotion of a broad based BEE scorecard approach to be a core facet of its operational influence in portfolio companies. New Gx actively seeks investment opportunities where sustainable BEE policies can be implemented and where tangible value can be achieved through their dissemination.

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